About the LAWASIA Human Rights Blog

The LAWASIA Human Rights Blog aims to share information about human rights and bring together the shared knowledge of our members and experts in the region. The Blog showcases contemporary issues and developments in human rights law across the Asia Pacific.

Since its inception, LAWASIA has played an active role in understanding and monitoring human rights issues across the Economic and Social Commission of Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) region. In particular, the LAWASIA Human Rights Committee has organised meetings, sessions and conferences, and implemented human rights interventions, including letters and observation missions. The Committee’s mandate is set out on its website.

How to submit your contribution?

We encourage submissions from established practitioners as well as student contributions.

All submissions must meet the submission criteria (set out below).

You can submit your contribution via email to the LAWASIA Human Rights Blog Committee: [email protected]

In your submission email please include a short biography about the author, including your name and employment position as well as any useful information about your professional background or expertise in human rights.

Your submission will then be considered for publication on the LAWASIA Human Rights Blog by the Committee.

Is there a deadline for making a submission?

There is no deadline for making a submission. Submissions are welcome all year round.

You may wish to make a submission in response to our quarterly featured blog submission call out – a thematic series that focuses on a specific human rights concern.  If you are interested in participating in the featured blog submission series, you will also need to make sure that your submission is relevant to the topic as well as meeting the below submission criteria.

Submission criteria  

Please ensure that your contribution meets the following requirements:

Word limit:

  • Between 500 to 800 words, not including references.


  • There are no strict guidelines in relation to the topic, unless you are submitting as part of our thematic series.
  • If the topic relates to a human rights issue in a particular jurisdiction, please include any relevant background material that readers outside of your jurisdiction may not be aware of.
  • Please see current contributions to our blog for ideas.


  • There are no strict formatting requirements.
  • Blog posts may be in the form of case summaries and legal commentary, law reviews, reports on current human rights events or issues and summaries of recent publications, speeches or seminars.
  • Blog posts may contain pictures, diagrams or other visual aids, but the inclusion of these must not violate copyright.
  • Please ensure that any opinion pieces (or ‘op-eds’) are grounded in research and personal/professional experience.
  • Please see the website for examples of previous blog posts as a guide for your contribution.

Language style:

  • Blog post submissions must be in English.
  • Please use language that is clear and accessible to a wide variety of readers. Writing style may be conversational and does not need to be academic. We encourage the use of headings to aid the reader.
  • Language that advocates hatred, including but not limited to national, racial or religious hatred, or incites discrimination, hostility or violence will not be published.


  • We encourage referencing, such as footnotes, endnotes or in text references. There are no strict requirements regarding referencing style. Please ensure that any references are accessible to the reader and where possible, include hyperlinks.
  • Please ensure sources are reliable and be wary of plagiarism.

Further questions

If you have further questions, please contact Holly Doel-Mackaway (Expert Counsellor, LAWASIA Human Rights Committee) at [email protected]