The 4th LAWASIA Human Rights Conference – Session 4: Cross-Border Efforts to Eradicate Gender Violence – Online Harassment of Women

Yayoi Hasegawa : Lawyer in Japan Ex-vice chair of the Committee of International Human Rights (CIHR) in JFBA In this session, we shared our experience and knowledge of online-based violence against women. Our panel consists of the following distinguished lawyers. Ms. Gema Gita Persada, Public Interest Lawyer at Legal Aid

The 4th LAWASIA Human Rights Conference –Concurrent Session 1 | Remedying Human Rights Violations against Migrants & Refugees & the Role of Lawyers in the Asia-Pacific Region

Yuko Kirimoto: Lawyer in Japan.  an associate at Tokyo Surugadai Law Offices, a member of the Refugee Committee of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA), the vice-chair of the Human Rights  Committee for Foreign Nationals of Tokyo Bar Associations. 1.The number of forced displacement and migrant, including of refugees,

The 4th LAWASIA Human Rights Conference – Session 2: The Role of Defence Lawyers & Bar Associations Towards Abolition of Death Penalty in Asia

Teppei Ono: Lawyer in Japan. Vice-Chair of JFBA’s International Human Rights Committee. Secretary General of Center for Prisoners’ Rights       Over the past decade, there is a worldwide tendency towards decline in the use of the death penalty. As for now, some 170 States have abolished or introduced

The 4th LAWASIA Human Rights Conference – Plenary Session | Promoting Access to Effective Remedy & Human Rights: The Role & Cooperation of Lawyers Beyond Borders

Mina Kobayashi: Lawyer admitted in Japan and New York. Member of Committee on International Human Rights, Business and Human Rights PT and Committee on National Human Rights Institution at the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA). It has been over a decade since the UN Guiding Principles on Business and

The 4th LAWASIA Human Rights Conference – Plenary Session 1: Armed Conflicts & Gross Violation of Human Rights: Bar Associations to Co-work for Victims

Prof Yasushi Higashizawa: Lawyer in Japan.  Professor of the Meijigakuin University (Tokyo).  Former Co-Chair of the LAWASIA Human Rights Committee. This session aimed to discuss on how bar associations/ law societies, either national or international, could work together to support cross-border victims of armed conflicts (ACs) and gross violation of

4th LAWASIA Human Rights Conference – Concurrent Session 3 Children’s Rights and Global Environmental Issues including Climate Change Summary

Mami Ishida: Attorney-at-law in Japan Secretary general of the Working Group on International Human Rights Conventions of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA). Facilitator of Japan Lawyers Network for Refugees School lawyer in Hyogo Prefecture The deterioration of our living environment due to global warming and other factors is